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Weight Loss Program

Our registered dietitians and nutritionists provide one-on-one consultations to help you develop sustainable healthy habits that will help you lose weight permanently.

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Personalized Weight Management Program

Our nutrition experts develop personalized nutrition guides that allow you to make lasting changes and achieve your goals. Weight loss is our specialty, and our nutrition consultations are available at convenient locations across Canada as well as remotely.

How Can A Registered Dietitian Help Me Lose Weight ?

A dietitian is a fully qualified and certified nutrition expert who can support you in your lifestyle changes. In some Canadian provinces, the term nutritionist may be a protected title and used in the same way as dietitian. These health professionals listen to your needs and help you reach your goals through nutrition counseling sessions.

Weight loss counselling services give you:

  • Professional and comprehensive support to motivate you as you change your food habits. 
  • A weight loss method based on intuitive eating and mindful eating, ensuring you can keep having fun with food and achieve permanent weight loss. 
  • Meal guides created for you based on your current lifestyle and adjusted as needed. This allows for easy changes and helps you achieve your objectives fast. 
  • Smart food journal evaluations to help you eat healthier and permanently change your food habits while you’re losing weight. 
  • Teachings on health issue prevention based on your unique family history and your health status. 
  • Menu and recipe validation to make sure you accomplish your weight loss objectives. 
  • Grocery shopping trips with us to help you learn about new products and the proper way to make food choices.

Help You Set Specific Achievable Goals

Goals are essential for weight loss. Having something to work towards makes it much easier to find the motivation to make healthier choices. However, many people fail to lose weight because they set their goals too high, making it almost impossible to achieve them.

Your dietitian or nutritionist will help you set small, attainable goals at first. This will make the task of losing weight seem less scary! By breaking your weight loss journey into these easier to reach goals, you’ll be eased into a new, healthier lifestyle.

These goals are not only achievable in the short term, but also sustainable in the long term. Many other diets may result in rapid weight loss, but this is usually not sustainable in the long term. With smart goals set by you and your counselor, you can be sure that you will be able to keep the weight off in the long run.

A Non-Restrictive Approach For Losing Weight

When you see a dietitian, you can expect a nutrition plan that is based on your individual needs and goals. This plan will be different from the fad diets you may have heard of or tried in the past, as they can have negative effects on your well-being and mental health. Your nutrition journey will focus on nourishing your body and promoting healthy weight loss, helping you achieve long-term success, rather than just losing weight quickly.

You will be moved away from diet culture and look at healthier, more maintainable ways of losing weight with a dietitian. You will be able to adopt a healthy relationship with food and your body. Restrictive diets will be a thing of the past.

A weight loss program is not about giving up all your favorite foods. A healthy and balanced plan doesn’t eliminate sugar or fat, but rather balances them with more filling snacks. The focus is on developing long-term healthy habits.

Your personalized meal plan will be achievable tailored to you and foods you enjoy. It will also be educational, teaching you what your body needs and how much of it.

A Focus on Active Lifestyle

Losing weight isn’t limited to changing your eating habits. Your dietitian will be able to show you how to become more active and show you how to make simple changes to move forward. You will also get a one month free access to our exclusive virtual wellness portal where you can take advantage of unlimited Yoga, HIIT, pilates, barre, meditation and more!

Taking care of yourself and moving your body in a way that feels good to you is more important than burning calories or adhering to a specific exercise regimen. Our team of dietitians can help you learn to listen to your body and find enjoyable ways to move that work for you.

Being physically active doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Something as simple as carrying your groceries from the car to your house can help you stay active and energized!

Why Choose Our Nutrition Experts?

  • Consultations are given by registered dietitians and nutritionists who are members of their local Canadian regulatory body.
  • Services covered by many health insurance plans and receipts available for tax reimbursement purposes. 
  • Our nutrition counselors use easy-to-understand, personalized teaching materials that are tailored to your needs and objectives. 

Contact us to learn more about our services or to book a consultation with one of our nutrition experts. By learning more about you and your weight loss goals, our dietitians and nutritionists can tailor the consultation to best meet your needs.

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